Private elective physician practice

The "Wahlarzt" or "elective physician" system

In the "Wahlarztsystem" or elective system for private physicians, you as the patient settle your bills with your health insurance provider. Elective physicians do not accept e-cards! You will be presented an itemized bill of all our services, which you can then submit to your social security provider. We adhere strictly to the price schedule used by contracted physicians (Kassenarzt) and agreed to with the Vienna Medical Association (Ärztekammer). This arrangement does not apply to patients of other health insurance providers, either because contracts already exist or because those health insurance providers charge the same co-pay as they do for other doctors.

elective physician form (German)

Free choice of physician

As a patient in Austria, you are free to choose your physician. This gives you the certainty that you will be treated by this same physician of choice at your next appointment. The choice should not, however, be based solely on the criterion of specific technical expertise since the doctor-patient relationship is also based to a great extent on trust and mutual understanding. Other factors are very important, too, such as short waiting times and the friendliness with which patients are welcomed and treated in the office, as well as the length of time that the doctor devotes to patients during a visit.